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Basic information

When: sat - sat 22. - 22. 6. 2024
Start of the adult race:
Start of the adult race: 22. 6. 2024 - 10:00, 22. 6. 2024 -
Start of the kid's race:
Where: Vodní nádrž Bystřička
Tracks: XTERRA VALACHY OFFICIAL (XTERRA Evropský pohár - 1500 metrů plavání, 28 km horské kolo, 9 km trailový běh)
XTERRA VALACHY Youth (XTERRA Evropský pohár Youth - 400 metrů plavání, 17,4 km horské kolo, 5,2 km trailový běh)
Entry fee:
Entry fee: Official - 100€ (until 31.3.), 110€ (until 16.6.), 120€ (from 17.6. and at the race day); Youth - 40€ (until 31.3.), 48€ (until 16.6.), 56€ (from 17.6. and at the race day)

About race

The Valachy man triathlon in Bystřička attracted six hundred athletes

BYSTŘIČKA – On the weekend of June 22 and 23, almost six hundred athletes of all ages competed at the Bystřička reservoir in the Vsetín region during the traditional Valachy man triathlon. One of its racing categories was part of the Czech and European XTERRA Cup this year, which attracted a number of top triathletes not only from the Czech Republic to Bystřička, in addition to hobby athletes and children.

"The weather played a lot with us this year. On the night before the race, a strong storm swept over Bystřička, and on Saturday morning there was another heavy burst of clouds, so the athletes "enjoyed" really challenging conditions and a lot of mud, especially on the mountain bike route. On the other hand, Sunday with a summer sky and pleasantly warm weather without much heat was a reward. Which, fortunately, turned out great considering that beginners and children competed on this day," said the director of Valachy mana and the DATART Valachy tour series, Bohuslav Komín.

"The weather really made a difference, but I liked it. The course was difficult, but fair," Karel Dušek, last year's winner of XTERRA Valachy Official and this year's silver medalist, confided at the finish line. In the end, he was surpassed by almost two minutes by Radim Grebík, who won in 2 hours and 21 minutes.

"The conditions were brutal, it was slippery in the rain in some places, the trail was great, but overall I was happy to get the bike to the pit safely. The running route was very demanding at the beginning, but this is the real XTERRA, and running down the Klenov hillside with a view of Bystřička was something so wonderful that I will remember it for a long time," Radim Grebík commented on his impressions. He is not new to the Valachy tour, in the past he also won the long Valachy man three times in a row. "I would like to thank the organizers for preparing something so fun in Wallachia," he added.

Petr Šťastný defended the victory in Saturday's main race - a long Valachy man, and Monika Kučerová among the women. Milan Kolman and Šárka Půstová won the short Valachy man on Sunday. At the same time, she also competed in the demanding XTERRA Valachy the day before. "Sunday's race, even though it is shorter, was not a rest for me at all after Saturday. On Saturday, the track was hilly, all the turns, up and down, it was hard on my legs and hands, so I didn't get up the easiest on Sunday. But since Valachy man is a very nice race and has a great atmosphere, it forces you to engage your head, smile and drive. I really enjoyed it," added Šárka Půstová.

Valachy man was held for the second time this year at the Bystrička water reservoir. Compared to last year, the organizers significantly changed and fine-tuned the routes in cooperation with local biker Tereza Tvarůžková, so the athletes got to know a number of new interesting places, technically varied passages and views of the landscape. "We have feedback from the competitors that the change was clearly for the better, and despite the challenging weather on Saturday, they enjoyed it. We would like to thank the municipalities of Bystřička and Velká Lhota, which again went out of their way to accommodate us in everything, and the local firefighters, including Mikulůvka, also supported us. We appreciate the cooperation with the Wallachian Choir of Portáš, which underlined the atmosphere of the race in Wallachia with its participation and salutes at individual starts," added Bohuslav Komín.

The next DATART Valachy tour event will be the Bike Valachy mountain bike race at the Bílá Ski Area on Saturday, September 7. In addition to the traditional two – long and fitness – routes, it will also offer three new categories. "We are responding to the suggestions of our regular participants and adding categories of e-bikes. It opens up the possibility of racing even to those who would otherwise not dare to venture onto the Beskydy terrain. Another novelty is a sport route of 30 km and a family race of pairs of 10 km for a tandem adult and child. We believe that with all this we will diversify the event and that absolutely everyone will be able to go for a ride. Of course, there will also be traditional races for children," concludes Bohuslav Komín. The final event of the DATART Valachy tour 2024 will be the Běhej Valachy cross-country race at the Valachy Resort in Velké Karlovice.